2 Corinthians 7 – Are You Willing to Allow Godly Sorrow to Lead You To Change?


The tone seems to change in 2 Corinthians 7. Some think this is another letter being added as if 2 Corinthians was actually several of Paul’s letters compiled together. More than likely, Titus arrived with a positive report while Paul was writing the Corinthians.

Paul expresses his joy and relief upon hearing that the Corinthian Christians have responded positively to his previous letter of correction. He had written to address some issues within the community, and his letter had caused them sorrow initially. However, he is now glad to know that his words prompted a positive change in their hearts, leading them to repent and turn away from their previous wrongdoings.

Paul explains that there are two kinds of sorrow: godly sorrow and worldly sorrow. Godly sorrow leads to genuine repentance and a desire to change, while worldly sorrow only brings guilt and despair without true transformation. The Corinthian believers had experienced godly sorrow, which led them to recognize their faults and seek reconciliation with God.

The apostle also commends the Corinthians for their willingness to correct the wrongs that were happening in their community. They displayed a sincere desire to please God and restore their relationship with Him. Paul’s letter had challenged them, but it also brought about a positive change in their hearts, fostering greater unity and love among the believers.

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