2 Corinthians 13 – Are You Willing to Strive Towards Full Restoration?


Paul warns the Corinthian Christians that he is coming to visit them for a third time. He reminds them that during his visits, he will not hesitate to address any wrongdoings or issues that need correction. Paul urges them to examine themselves before his arrival, making sure they are living in accordance with their faith in Christ.

The apostle emphasizes the importance of testing and proving their own faith, asking them to evaluate whether Jesus Christ is truly in them. He encourages them to strive for perfection in their Christian walk and to live in peace with one another. Paul’s hope is that the Corinthians will mature in their faith and work together in harmony, allowing God’s love and peace to reign among them.

Paul concludes his letter with a message of grace and blessing, expressing his desire for the Corinthian believers to experience the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. He prays that God’s grace will be with them, strengthening and guiding them in their journey of faith.

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