The Post-Christian Podcast – Jason Jaggard (Beyond High Performance)

In this episode, I interview Jason Jaggard, the author of a fantastic book called Beyond High Performance: What Great Coaches Know About How the Best Get Better.

From the Novus Global website:

“Jason is the founder and CEO of Novus Global, a community of elite executive coaches pursuing coaching mastery together, serving the world’s best leaders and teams to go beyond high performance. Jason is also the co-founder of The Meta Performance Institute, a non-traditional incubator for world-class coaching, leadership, and management.”

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Our goal with The Post-Christian Podcast is to reframe, simplify, and focus on our mission to make disciples in a post Christian culture. We discuss reaching new people and raising up leaders while removing the barriers of churchianity.

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Apple Podcasts – Jason Jaggard (Author of Beyond High Performance)

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