1 Timothy 2 – Are You Making Room For Others?

Paul reminds Timothy that these new communities of Christ-followers are different. We honor, respect, and pray for the authorities. We live peaceful and quiet lives so that others will notice the difference in us so that others will want what we have. In fact, God wants all people to choose faith and become part of the Church.

There are lots of cultural issues this passage addresses which have got lost in translation over the years. Ephesus had the world’s largest Temple to Artemis (Diana) which was run by women. These women were coming into the house church and teaching even though they did not understand the message of Jesus. Paul wants women to look to God to protect them when giving birth to a child rather than looking to the goddess Artemis. Paul introduces a revolutionary idea in that context that “women should learn.” Paul is saying just as Adam should have warned Eve, these women should be given a chance to understand before they teach.

The key to this difficult passage is understanding the context and allowing the Scriptures to interpret the Scriptures.

We all have a place to serve together.

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