The Post-Christian Podcast – Mottel Baleston (Messianic Jewish Rabbi)

In my most recent episode, I interview Mottel Baleston⁠.

We discuss the Hamas attack on Israel, a brief history of the region, the response of Christ-followers to the conflict, and reaching out to our Jewish friends and neighbors.

Mottel is the Director of the “Messengers of the New Covenant” of New Jersey, an organization first established in 1940 to communicate the good news of the arrival of Messiah Yeshua. Messengers carries on a work of sharing Messiah within the Jewish community, calling people to faith in Him, discipling Jewish believers as well as educating Christians concerning the Jewish roots of their faith. He also served for many years as Messianic Rabbi of Beth Messiah Congregation of Livingston, NJ, a suburb of New York City. 

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