The Post-Christian Podcast – Dr. Tim Yee (TruCenter Assessment)

In this episode, I interviewed Dr. Tim Yee, a longtime pastor, executive coach, and Vice President of Ministry and Mission at Motivations AI which has a fascinating assessment offered to churches through the TruCenter.

From their website:

“TruCenter strengthens connections to the church and increases volunteer engagement by connecting God-given talents and personal motivations with faith and service. The only narrative-based assessment rooted in faith, backed by science, and powered by story”

The Post-Christian Podcast and Giveaways:

Our goal with The Post-Christian Podcast is to reframe, simplify, and focus on our mission to make disciples in a post Christian culture. We discuss reaching new people and raising up leaders while removing the barriers of churchianity.

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APPLE PODCASTS – An Interview with Dr. Tim Yee

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