1 Peter 3 – Are You Ready to Give an Answer?

Peter breaks through stereotypes in order to guide those who follow Jesus to live differently than the world lives.

For women married to an unbelieving husband should not try to argue them into the Kingdom of God but honor and respect them remembering that their beauty comes from within.

For men, they should also treat women with respect as well even if they may be physically smaller or physically weaker. This is a remarkable statement affirming women as created in the image of God! They are not lesser as the Greeks may have believed.

When we suffer in this world, it should be for doing good rather than because of a foolish decision. We will face persecution for our faith. We need to trust God in the face of this and not stop doing good in fear of suffering for our faith.

Noah’s ark was believed to be at the top of Mount Ararat so Peter’s reference to Noah would make sense to them. Peter is not describing a time when Jesus preached to humans who had died but when Jesus was declared to the spiritual forces of evil to be the One who reigns!

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