Merry Christmas from the Bryants (2023)!

Merry Christmas from The Bryants!

In this Christmas season, we celebrate the God who came to rescue us!
This year has been a significant one for my family, for our church family, and for my non-profit (Catalyzing Community).
Deborah is working at a pediatric clinic as an occupational therapist, and she is so good at it!

We celebrated her birthday at DisneyWorld with our good friends Greg and Debbie SooHoo, our small group leaders at Mosaic in Los Angeles back in 1998!

Caleb is full time at Taco Bell and likes to get into the studio to record new music from time to time. He’s also involved in the Gateway college group.

Trevi is in her senior year at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. She is in the chapel band, a Resident Assistant, and her boyfriend from France came to visit this fall. His name is Adrien Ropert, and he feels called to be in ministry.
Eric – I was able to travel to India in January and was blown away by the work of Impact India 360, one of our church’s long-time global partners! I have wanted to go to India since 1992 and finally made it!

I was also fortunate to get a 2 month sabbatical this summer which comes every 5 years for Gateway staff. During that time, I was able to travel to the Dominican Republic and Minneapolis on my own and to Greece with Deborah, Trevi, and my Mom. I was even able to visit good friends in Los Angeles and speak at Mosaic South Pasadena as part of the Fruitful Book Tour! It was a rejuvenating time of travel (1 month) and rest (1 month). 

This year our ministry with Gateway has continued to see lives transformed – either finding faith or finding healing. I am still part of the executive team and leading the South Austin and Online campuses. (If you are disconnected from church. searching spiritually, or wanting to grow in your faith, join us at on Sundays at 9:15am or 11:15am CST!)

Carlos Ortiz is now our senior pastor, and John Burke is now serving as our Founding Pastor. John’s new book Imagine the God of Heaven has been featured on our Online Campus this fall.

In the new year, I wanted to invite you to join me in something that will be stretching for some and rewarding for all – regardless of where you may be in your spiritual journey.
Read through the New Testament with me in 2024!

Just one chapter a day, 5 days a week.I share insights and ideas for each chapter via the podcast Through the Bible for Skeptics, Seekers, and Disciplesor you can go to the playlist at

We hope you enjoy the Christmas season and 2024! 

Eric, Deborah, Caleb, and Trevi
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