Revelation 22 – Are You Living in the Grace of God?

In Genesis 1-2, the Scriptures tell us that God created the universe, and He created humanity to co-rule with Him. In their freedom, Adam and Eve chose to go their own way separating humanity from God. God then chose to make himself known to that one man so that through that one man all nations would be blessed.

From that man’s family came the Messiah. He willingly gave His life, dying on the cross for the sin’s of humanity. On the 3rd day, He rose from the dead, and His Spirit comes to live within all who follow Him.

Those who follow Jesus are to bring more of heaven to earth. His Kingdom is already here now through us! We are to advance the light of God in this dark world. One day, His Kingdom will fully come and evil will be eradicated. The end of the Scriptures reveals that one day Eden will be restored – humanity in the presence of God forever once more.

For believers, our hope is in the fact that Jesus will come one day soon.

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