The Post-Christian Podcast – Roger Helland (Pursuing God’s Presence)

Recently I interviewed Dr. Roger Helland, the Prayer Ambassador for the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and previously he served as district minister of the Baptist General Conference in Alberta. The author of seven books, he has over 35 years of experience as a pastor, denominational leader, adjunct professor at several theological schools, and renewal catalyst. He lives with his wife, Gail, near Calgary in Canada.

We discussed his book Pursuing God’s Presence: A Practical Guide to Daily Renewal and Joy.

From the book description:

“Sorting through common fears and misunderstandings about God’s presence, Helland offers biblical and practical teaching, to help you…

  • pursue God’s presence and holiness in everyday life,
  • live a presence-centered life at work, home and church,
  • enjoy a deeper biblical fullness of the Holy Spirit and
  • experience God’s supernatural strength, vitality, renewal and joy.

God’s kavod changes everything. When you learn to seek, experience and host His presence, it will transform you–and the world.”

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Our goal with The Post-Christian Podcast is to reframe, simplify, and focus on our mission to make disciples in a post Christian culture. We discuss reaching new people and raising up leaders while removing the barriers of churchianity.

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