Becoming Who God Created You To Be

With all the uncertainty and chaos going on in our world, I still have hope.


I have seen the resilience of my children, who are now young adults. I have seen their generation willing to join the conversation and bring about genuine and lasting change in our world.

  • Our world needs you to become the person God created you to be.
  • Our world needs more young women and young men who discover the genuine faith, love, and hope God brings through an authentic relationship with Jesus.
  • Our world needs more people who not only pray the Lord’s prayer but truly bring about God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
  • Our world needs you.

Jesus told a parable that has been a guide for me over the years and which I think summarizes well my hope for you.

If you can develop the four characteristics inspired by the parable of the four soils, you will discover your calling and bring about so much good in our broken world. A spiritually receptive, tenacious, intentional, and proactive person will experience the presence and peace of God and have one hundred times the impact.

That is my hope for you and those you love.

The Fruitful Bundle

A surprise for my daughter, Trevi

Choose Fruitful as a sermon series or for your small group!

The Fruitful Bundle includes:

  • Discounted copies of Fruitful for your church for a sermon series or for your small group.
  • Small Group Curriculum
  • 4 message manuscripts dealing with discovering your purpose, hearing God’s voice, developing tenacity, overcoming temptations, and becoming proactive.
  • Consultation with Eric on creative elements to include in the series.
  • Bundles range from $200 for 20 books to $5000 for 500 books.
    (These prices do not yet include the cost of shipping and taxes.
    All proceeds go towards the Eric Bryant Foundation).

The Fruitful Bundle will help you mobilize your church in a new way and reach people not currently coming.

To get a discounted rate and/or set up the consultation, email with the number of copies you would like.

If you have a story of breakthrough or finding your purpose, let us know at!

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