Haka in High School!?!

A friend of mine in L.A. named Mark was mentioning how amazing it is that a high school football game has sold out at Texas Stadium on a Friday afternoon. He’s going to be with his amily in the Dallas area and going to see Lewisville High School in their playoff game. I mentioned that after going to Trinity High School in the Dallas area, this sell out doesn’t surprise me at all. High school football is HUGE in Texas.

Come to find out, Lewisville’s opponent is my alma mater! Go Trojans! Sorry, Mark. 🙂

My high school was actually featured in a story on the CBS Evening News this past week. Take a look below. I love the enthusiasm of the red-headed student!

I love how my school now features a Haka dance. Not only is it incredibly intimidating, but I love it’s uniqueness.

With so many Tongan students on the football team even back when I was there, I wish they would have introduced this cultural and cool Maori tribal ritual. Unfortunately, back in my day I imagine the fellow students in my school from a Tongan background didn’t have the freedom nor the encouragement from the rest of us to share some of their heritage.

We missed out as a result of the pressure in the 80’s to conform. I wonder what else we miss out on due to societal pressure. So glad that uniqueness now seems to be in vogue more than conformity – at least in some places.

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  • Crystal Renaud

    WOW! I was suprised to see your comment. Thanks for stopping by. I am really, really looking forward to reading it. It is a long time coming that I finally am. I’ve only heard good things and for where I am at in ministry, friends have told me it is fitting. Blessings to ya.

  • Phil

    Shame that when it comes to recognition for the Haka it’s only the New Zealanders that get a comment. Samoa and Tonga both have their own versions of the Haka.

    There are in fact many versions. The New Zealanders got in a bit of trouble for their throat slitting efforts a little while ago, and at least in rugby you get to face up to your opposition, instead of a line of TV cameras.

    The following link’s worth a look if you want intimidation.

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