A Tip with a Twist

A good friend of mine shared with me how he felt compelled to give a $100 tip for a meal which cost much less.   He included a note encouraging her to use the money to live out her dreams.  (For those wondering, the friend in this particular story isn’t Erwin).  Here is her response:

“OMG I don’t know where to start or how to thank you for your generosity and support! When I saw what you did and what you wrote I was in shock. You tipped me more than what your whole bill was and then some! And the beauty of writing that you wanted to contribute to my dreams, moved me to tears. I ran out side to find you both, I couldn’t believe you were both gone already! I ran up stairs to show my manager. He was just coming out of a meeting w/the vice president of lawry’s. They both looked at it and at first thought it must be a mistake until they read what you wrote. They brought it up at our following Sat meeting (that we are all required to attend.) They said:

In this economic climate, when there is so much uncertainty and so many struggling, to see the power of the human spirit to help others in such an unselfish way is both moving and inspiring….

Just to let you know I took the extra $100. you both gave me and used it (with your energy and intention for me) for my new pictures that my agent asked me for. I wanted that thought and energy you both gave to be steered directly for what you said it was intended for me …following my dreams! Thank you again., I can’t really express my gratitude enough. You’ve helped me to stay on track and move forward!”

In this time of economic hardship for so many, those of us who are doing ok should be that much more sacrificial and generous.  We never know the impact our generosity may have in the life of another person.

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  • Mick Martin

    Cool story and great message.

  • RosemaryL

    As a server who as so many work as servers to be able to have the flexibility to pursue another dream, generousity in others is a blessing! and the best way to say thank you, (putting it in writting is second! )
    I will always remember & pray for the man & his family who left me $100 tip. I came home & told my son he was going to have a birthday party! no one expected a few days after I received that tip, I fell & sprained my anckle so bad I wasn’t able to work & because of that tip my son was able to have his party! When your moved to generousity, act on it, you never know what is going on in someone elses life & how it will effect them! Not to mention the times that people don’t tip,
    Many servers I know work at several differant restaurants/jobs, & try to pursue their dreams (& many add school to that list) & to do it with an unstable income, is so much the challenge! the reality is, the server’s livelyhood is based on your generosity.
    No, generosity doesn’t have to be $100+ either, servers figure it all by %. current tip is 18-20%, above that is generous. Tip as your moved. & write a note when you can! oh how that encourages! some places have a “server of the month” but most don’t, & when its in writting, it shows to their bosses & co workers, & to themselves the value of their service.

  • J

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve been feeling the pinch financially, and the first thing that usually gets cut in the budget is not entertainment/luxury items but sadly it’s giving/donations. I had to fight that off this week, and this post encouraged me to keep doing that.

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