A Horrific Date to Remember (Genocide in Rwanda)

A Church with Skulls

A Church with Skulls

From Jeff Shinabarger:

“If you didn’t know, this is the 15 year anniversary (if you can call it that) of the genocide that happened in Rwanda. The genocide lasted for years, but culminated in 100 days of what many people refer to as hell on earth. In those 100 days of massacre, there were nearly 1 million men, women and children brutally beaten to death with machetes, grenades, guns, and knives. Since that horrific event, Rwanda is rebuilding the beautiful land of a thousands hills, restoring the hope of its people, and reconciling the relationships in every community.”

For more pictures and thoughts from Jeff’s trip, go here.

Personally, I remember the genocide because my college roommates and I had adopted a child through Compassion International.  It was months before we heard that our little guy, Uhigumugabo, had survived along with his mom.  Unfortunately, his father had been killed.

The anniversary of the tragic genocide in Rwanda reminds us of humanity at its worst.  The stories of recovery, healing, and reconciliation from Rwanda are incredibly inspiring and remind us of humanity at its best.

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