Unexplainable Moments

Our new series at Mosaic is called “Unexplainable.”  We are exploring the seven wonders of Jesus in the Gospel of John.  In many ways, the series is a call to connect to God and live a life that leaves others inspired. (Listen for free at www.mosaic.org/podcast).  The series has me thinking….

Life can be filled with the unexplainable and the miraculous.  These mystical moments feel like the end of the film”The Usual Suspects.”   Everything you thought you knew is not what really happened.

Have you had those moments in life?  Those moments when, if you were a character in a movie, the director would have the camera pan out quickly while you stood there in awe?

Recently, I’ve had several of those moments connected to a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in about a year.  He was going through a difficult time and wanted to get together.  In the past, we had trouble connecting for a meal or even an extended conversation.  Something seemed to always get in the way of getting together.  Even this time, we scheduled a meeting on a Sunday night only to have him cancel because of a medical emergency.  He called me from the hospital to reschedule.

The next day we finally had lunch at Noodle Planet.  Over the course of our conversation, he shared about his spiritual journey as well as the ways he had messed up in life.  He wanted a change.  He wanted to be a better husband, father, and person.  There at Noodle Planet he decided to allow God to guide him.  It was an amazing moment.

That afternoon I came by his house to drop off a Bible and some messages on CD I knew he would like.  While there I met his oldest son who looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him at first.  Then it hit me: his son was dating our good friends’ daughter – the one who lived across the street, babysat our kids, and came to Mosaic on Sundays.  What a miraculously small world!

That afternoon, I went to work out.  (That in itself is miraculous!)  During my brief 15 minutes on the stationary bike I saw and talked with his wife who I hadn’t seen since the previous summer.  What are the odds?!

That Friday night we went to a support group together.  My friend actually knew the group leader from his days growing up in East L.A..  Again, this was all rather remarkable.

Since that week, my friend and I have been able to talk often in person or on the phone.  We have seen more and more miraculous things taking place as he continues to allow Jesus to guide him and change him into a new man.  He even won over $1000 at a contest at work when he lost 70 lbs over the past couple of months.  He won by 1.5 lbs!

My friend challenges me and encourages me.  I am a better person with him in my life.  Through our friendship, I have been experiencing the unexplainable!

What have been your unexplainable moments?

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  • brian miller

    wow. great story. everything interconnecting as if there was something behind it all…thanks eric, great post.

    brian miller’s last blog post..Theme Thursday: Vacation

  • Enrique

    Thought I was a gonner. I survived Dengue fever (like malaria.)

    Needed a blood transfusion or a miracle.

    Fortunately for me, it was the latter.

    Life’s different when you get a second chance.

    Great post!

    Enrique’s last blog post..Graduation Time Wisdom

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