“Catalyzing Faith Communities” at Fuller (July 2009)

Erwin McManus, Chad Becker, and I are teaching a course at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA this summer (July 13-17) called “Catalyzing Faith Communities: Entrepreneurial Leadership in a Pluralistic World.”


We live in a diverse world filled with unprecedented opportunity. In this course students will examine the core values essential to reaching today’s post-modern culture: that the church is a movement, not an institution; it is relational, not programmatic; empowering, not controlling; incarnational, not esoteric; transforming, not conforming. Drawing on multi-cultural approaches from several Mosaic faith communities, students will encounter first-hand the unique vision for engaging today’s generation and seeing our cities transformed.


1. Students will understand how the post-modern world views the church and the reasons conventional methods are failing.
2. Students will develop the skill of influencing others from divergent backgrounds and worldviews.
3. Students will gain the tools to catalyze and lead communities of faith who are effective in reaching today’s post-Christian, postmodern, pluralistic world.

If you are interested, register through The School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA.

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