“The Suicidal Missionary” (NOC09 Blog Tour)

“The Suicidal Missionary” article has been featured as part of the National Outreach Convention 09 blog tour.

I have gotten more feedback (positive and negative) on this article than perhaps any other I have written.

The point of the article is this:

Whether we have intended this or not, the world tends to see people who follow Jesus as sharing the same attitude that Jonah did.”

Jonah may have shared God’s message for the people of Nineveh, but he didn’t share God’s heart for the people of Nineveh.

Take a look here if you haven’t read it already, and let me know your thoughts!

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  • Ralph Neighbour

    Love this quote: ” We cannot show the world God’s love if we do not truly love the people in our world.”

  • Chris Crossan

    I was particularly helped by Eric’s following paragraph:

    As followers of Jesus, we have been “set apart” and “sent out.” We are “set apart” in our behavior, and “sent out” in our relationships. The more religious we become the more these ideas become reversed. We end up being “set apart” in our relationships, and “sent out” from those we are to love and serve. We are “set apart” in how we relate to others, not to whom we relate.

    How often have I reversed God’s intended plan for me to mix with the world and display Christ’s character! Instead I pull away from them and thereby prevent them from seeing His light in my life…

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