Serving & Leading Creative People

Tony Morgan shared ten insights in leading creative people including:

If you want their input, you’ll need to ask. If you stop asking, they’ll stop contributing.

If you ask, you better consider their input. If you’re not really going to use their input, it’s better not to even ask.

Know that they’ll be emotionally attached to what they create. So, if you decide not to use their creation, you’ll have to process that appropriately and not abruptly.

Serving at Mosaic, I put down some thoughts on the subject in a post called “Managing the Creative Beast.” Here a couple of thoughts to add to Tony’s:

As leaders we aren’t supposed to be the most creative people within our organization. We are to be the equippers of others way more talented than we are (Eph. 4:11-13).

At Mosaic, our volunteer staff process creates the opportunities for spiritual mentoring and character development essential to avoiding the “talent trap.” Too often, as leaders we slip into valuing talent over character. In the end this hurts our community and the person we have recruited prematurely.

The post includes a video of what not to do as well.  🙂

What are some of your ideas on serving and leading creatives?

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