Everyday Heroes (Officer Doug Greene)

Doug Greene (officer on the left)

Doug Greene is a hero. There are lots of other everyday heroes just like him. Women and men who serve as police officers willingly put their lives on the line to protect and serve the rest of us in their community.

It is easy to take police officers for granted. I have several friends who serve as police officers (thanks to Robert, Keith, Eric, just to name a few!), but Doug helped me understand the reality of the risk they take. When he left our paid staff at Mosaic to begin his training at the  San Antonio police academy, he said something I will never forget. During his farewell lunch, he thanked us for investing in his life and for demonstrating a healthy community, one that is both loving and willing to have the hard conversations. He went on to say something that brought us all to tears: “Now I know I know how to lay my life down for others.”

Special thanks to Doug and to all of the police officers who willingly risk their lives to rescue others!

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