Paul Richardson Interview

Our most recent teleseminar featured Paul Richardson!


Paul was born and raised in a village carved out of the jungle in Dutch New Guinea, where his parents were missionaries. With a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in educational leadership, Richardson is part of a group creating a network of state-of-the-art Christian schools in some of the most impoverished environments on earth. Richardson lives in southeast Asia with his wife, Cyndi, and their three children.

Paul served as an elder at Mosaic before moving back to Southeast Asia. His father Don Richardson is the author of “Peace Child.”

In his memoir, A Certain Risk: Living Your Faith at the Edge, Paul will inspire you to engage the complexities of your world with creative solutions—with creativity that comes straight from the heart of the Creator. Drawing on stories from his life as a change specialist in the world’s largest Muslim country, Richardson explores what causes you to be pinned down under personal apathy and disappointment, and he helps you seek the Spirit-fueled life that can set you free.

  • Francisco Loaiza

    Great interview. I deeply love Paul and I enjoyed listening to him again.

    Thnak You,
    Francisco Loaiza

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