!deation Conference Highlights (Just One & Plywood People)

Charles Lee created and hosted the !deation Conference.  Here are more highlights:

Greg Russinger from Just One introduced Laundry Love, an initiative that brought health, hygiene, and tutoring to those in need in multiple cities across North America and as far away as Singapore and Nigeria.

In the U.S. we have a malnutrition problem called obesity. As a result, Just One introduced On Bike With Love to encourage bicycling as exercise.

TCMD is a collaborative redistribution effort that uses trashcans for the collection of new goods for those in need. The items collected are then specifically distributed to those in need through partnerships we’ve developed with other local non-profit organizations. TCMD is continually growing through franchise activism—that is, a growing network of concerned individuals, families, businesses, groups, churches and schools collaborating autonomously to host a trashcan in various locales, providing those communities with a visual reminder and an opportunity to embrace the values of generosity, social concern and cooperative living.

Jeff Shinabarger from Plywood People and Gift Card Giver.  57% of all birthday gifts are gift cards and 15% of these will never be used. he gift card industry has risen to be a $90 billion industry with $8 Billion going unused every year. Plywood created a new philanthropic non-profit organization to collect gift cards and give them to people and organizations in great need. This unique project has already been featured by NPR, Paste Magazine, Relevant Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution. This idea has resulted in giving over $30,000 of unused gift cards directly to people. Learn more at http://www.giftcardgiver.com

  • Johnny Laird

    …huge love for the work of !deation!

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