Initiate! (from

I love this post and video I discovered at  Check out the question posed and enjoy the video:

“Dare to be an Initiator!
Initiators are rare indeed, but it’s scary to be the leader. Guy #3 is rare too, but it’s a lot less scary and just as important. Guy #49 is irrelevant. No bravery points for being part of the mob!”

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  • Dan Kimball

    So funny you posted this! We just used this video in our worship gatherings last Sunday. The topic was joy and how it can spread to others.

  • Eric Bryant

    Well, Dan, I guess brilliant minds think alike! 🙂

    Seriously though, it is such a great video clip!

  • Tara Russell

    i loved this – just shared – inspiring! can translate so many ways. thanks for inspiring my morning.

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