Not Like Me Release Party Winners!

Thanks for joining us for the online release party of my new book Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World!

We will be posting the interviews we had with our guests soon. Listen to previous teleseminars here.

Our guests included: Alan & Debra Hirsch, Kevin Harney, Josh Fox, Shawn AndersonRudy Carrasco, Dave and Jon Ferguson, and Erwin McManus

The resources (valued at over $1000) given away included:

1 All Access Pass to the Origins Event on July 24, 2010 in downtown L.A. (valued at $129) for Joshua from CA!

Untamed by Alan and Debra Hirsch The 10 winners include: Karen from OH, Sherry from CA, Garrett from AL, Sabrina from Ontario, Justin from TN, Janet from CA, Smitty from KY, Isaiah from KY, Karen from IL, and Matt from IL

Protest and Invest by Rudy Carrasco
The 5 winners of the book and iPad version include: Steve from NV, Daniel from FL, Josh from NV, Jerry from TX, and Kelly from CA.

Living Dangerously by Shawn Anderson
The 10 winners include: Justin from NC, Daniel from USA, Dawn from CA, Josh from IL, Kurt from CA, Caleb from WA, Bryon from MI, Brett from MI, Jeff from CA, and Gary from CA.

Josh Fox’s new cd Radiant
The 5 winners include: Molly from MN, Angie from CA, Brad from WA, Rowel from CA, and Gary from NC.

Exponential by Dave and Jon Ferguson
The 10 winners include:Damon from IN, Jenni from TX, Lori from TX, John from WV, Rowdy from OK, Mark from Australia, Brad from VA, Creighton from KS, Martin from KY, and Colby from AZ.

Organic Outreach for Ordinary People by Kevin Harney
The 10 winners include: Wally from MI, Troy from CA, Joshua from CA, Chip from MA, Travis from FL, Lon from Canada, Peter from the U.K., Judy from WA, Mario from Canada, and Renee from CA.

Stand Against the Wind by Erwin McManus
The 10 winners include: Kristine from TX, Kyle from MO, David from IL, Cline from MD, Clay from WA, Rudy from TX, Betty from MI, Kendall from NC, Chuck from VA, and Adam from VT.

“Not Like Me” sermon series I shared at Mosaic (formerly called Peppermint-Filled Pinatas)
The 4 winners include: Stephanie from TX, Tim from CA, Mike from TX, and Dave from AR.

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