Aid to Pakistan

With our Beyond US funds, our community at Mosaic has gotten involved with relief efforts in Pakistan through World Vision and the International Mission Board.  We are looking at sending a medical team as well.

In a Christian Science Monitor article called “Why Pakistan’s Disaster Should Concern You,” U.C. Berkeley professor of public policy Robert Reich writes:

“The human tragedy unfolding in Pakistan right now demands our full attention.

Flooding there has already stranded 20 million people, more than 10 percent of the population. A fifth of the nation is underwater. More than 3.5 million children are in imminent danger of contracting cholera and acute diarrhea; millions more are in danger of starving if they don’t get help soon. More than 1,500 have already been killed by the floods.

This is a human disaster.

It’s also a frightening opening for the Taliban.

Yet so far only a trickle of aid has gotten through. As of today (Thursday), the U.S. has pledged $150 million, along with 12 helicopters to take food and material to the victims. (Other rich nations have offered even less – the U.K., $48.5 million; Japan, $10 million, and France, a measly $1 million. Today (Thursday), Hillary Clinton is speaking at the UN, seeking more.)

This is bizarre and shameful. We’re spending over $100 billion this year on military maneuvers to defeat the Taliban in Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan. Over 200 helicopters are deployed in that effort. And we’re spending $2 billion in military aid to Pakistan.

More must be done for flood victims, immediately.

Beyond helping to prevent mass disease and starvation we’ll also need to help Pakistan rebuild.”

To read the rest of the article, go here.

What are other strategic ways we can help the people of Pakistan in the midst of this crisis?

  • Richard H

    From what I’ve heard, people – including expatriot Pakistanis hurting for people back home – are reluctant to send money, fearing that the high levels of corruption will simply steal it away to officials’ bank accounts rather than helping people in need. I’ve sent my money via UMCOR – hope they, WV & others will be able to get the resources where they’re needed.

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