Crave: The Documentary

We showed Crave: The Documentary yesterday at all of our Mosaic gatherings. It is a powerful film Erwin created. It demonstrates the openness of people to move conversations from social or superficial to spiritual and significant. Take a look at the trailer:

Mosaic LA Soul Cravings Preview from Mosaic LA on Vimeo.

You can purchase the Soul Cravings Church Kit and the Soul Cravings Prequel online at the Power to Change Resource Centre or call 1-800-667-0558.

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  • Jamie Locklin

    The church kit includes the video I assume along with other teachings? That site was unclear to me on exactly what the kit had.

  • Eric Bryant

    Hey Jamie!

    The best bet is to call them at the 1 800 number. So sorry I’m not as familiar with what they are offering.

    Glad you guys are excited about using it!


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