Interviewed by Alex McManus (Creator of The Human Event)

Recently Alex McManus interviewed me on his BlogTalk Radio Show about Not Like Me (the book) and (the new website to help pastors and church leaders create their own Not Like Me sermon series or small group series). Alex and I served together at Mosaic for several years. Alex is the author of Making the World Human Again, the founder of the International Mentoring Network and the creator of Voxtropolis, a collaboration between artists and activists, promoters and clubs, businesses and individuals designed to mobilze communities in the fight 4 humanity. Voxtropolis presently has expressions in the US, Canada and the UK  as well as a mirror expression in the cybersphere at  He has a wonderful and is a good friend of mine.

Alex created the Human Event which is coming up in Michigan on Oct. 13-14.

Listen to the interview here.

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