Trevi in Paris

During her senior year in high school, Trevi was praying about what her next step would be for the fall. She felt serving abroad for a year was what God wanted for her. She mentioned this to me, and I reached out to a church planter in Paris who I knew through our church planting network GatewayLeaders. Miraculously, they had just been praying for someone who could come and live with them to help with their three young children as his wife has some health issues. They invited Trevi to Paris, France to live with them for the next year so she can learn French, intern with their church, and be their nanny while teaching their children English.

With the pandemic, these plans have shifted from departing for Paris in June 2020 to August 2020 to now August 18, 2021!
She plans to be with them for the next school year.

The family has 3 children and live in a beautiful place outside of the city.

Matthieu is the son of a pastor and founded his own church called My Gospel Church. Using American Gospel music which is incredibly popular with the secular Parisians, this church has an incredibly unique and effective method of helping people discover faith and grow spiritually. More from Matthieu on their approach below.

Trevi will have the opportunity to interact with the many young adults from around the world who are connected to this community – many of them spiritually curious in a country where only 3% attend a church on a Sunday.

Would you be willing to support Trevi while she is there?

Prayer Support – for safe and smooth travels, visa approval, financial provision, wisdom and guidance while caring for the children, for spiritual growth while serving with the church, and for help as she studies French and teaches English.

Financial Support – for travel expenses to and from Paris and while in Paris, for groceries, and other expenses that may come up.

The pastor is a bi-vocational pastor.
All funds donated will help offset expenses the family may incur hosting Trevi.
She will be volunteering her time with the family and at the church.


Trevi Describes Her Spiritual Journey:

Trevi Singing for our Gateway Students:

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