Merry Christmas from the Bryants in Austin (and Paris)!

Merry Christmas from The Bryants!

In this Christmas season, we celebrate the God who came to rescue us!

We hope you and yours have a chance to reflect on the highlights from the past year and mourn the tough moments. Life can come at us so fast that we miss the opportunity of processing what we’ve been through.

For us 2021 has included some really amazing moments and some really challenging moments.

Together we survived the Texas Ice-pocalypse in February and helped our church family did the same. It was difficult when we all started losing electricity. Many families moved in with other families. Then we lost running water, and it got desperate! As hard as it was, the ways neighbors, life groups, and acquaintances all rallied around serving each other was truly beautiful!

Caleb got a job with Chick-Fil-A!
He’s working just about full time there and seems to be enjoying it although they insist he get his haircut from time to time. 🙂

Trevi and I were on the set of The Chosen for The Sermon on the Mount, and it was cold!! Even still we had a great time! You can see us too! 
Pics and Videos Here.
By the way, if you haven’t started watching The Chosen, you absolutely should do so!

The Baylor Men’s Baskeball team won the National Championship! 
This was remarkable for so many reasons – especially if you know the full story of the tragedy that took place almost 20 years ago. Being my alma mater and my bother’s alma mater and the fact that my niece is there now (not to mention so many of my friends’ kids), it was a really exciting thing for us!

We celebrated my parents’ 50th anniversary a year late, but it was a really beautiful time! (Last year our zoom surprise party for them in 2020 ended up being featured on a Facebook commercial. You can see some of us at the 1:00 and 1:04 mark). 

Sadly, Deborah’s aunt Barbara Gaddy died in August, and my uncle Dale Kohler died in October. Barbara was always a sweet presence at our family gatherings and has already been missed. I had a chance to speak at Dale’s celebration of life. He was diagnosed with cancer in July and fought it with all he had. So many commented on how Dale was one of best men they had ever known. It’s still hard to believe we lost him.

Trevi has been serving in Paris now for four months! We are incredibly proud of her as she serves as an au pair for a family that has kids who are 2, 4, and 8 years old. We are so grateful for their hospitality! She’s also an intern at their church. She’s raised funds to be able to serve with them during this school year. If you would like to help her with her last few months, you can give here.

She’s met some amazing people, visited Versailles and the Eiffel Tower, and has enjoyed singing as part of the church choir and community choir. We plan to visit her in March, and she plans to return to the U.S. in May. She’s also been applying for colleges for fall 2022.

Deborah turned 50! (I will soon follow her with my birthday in the new year). I surprised her with a new car! It was a really miraculous story as I had already ordered a car, but we ended up with a newer version of the exact same model for far less at the last minute!

I have continued serving as an Executive Pastor at Gateway in Austin overseeing the Inspire team and the South Austin campuses. It is a real privilege to serve with such amazing people who are so faithful and so effective in creating a loving community that brings hope and life to others.

Our families and church family navigated really well the pandemic, masking, vaccinations, and all that has been so politicized. It’s been harder than usual to stay unified, but I am so proud to be part of a family and church community that has tried to rise above the controversies. In the end, relationship remains more important than 100% agreement at all times.

We had a chance to host Deborah’s family for Thanksgiving along with visits from several friends from Los Angeles (the Yews, the Arcos and Williams families, the Munoz family, and Goodie Goodloe). After a very isolated 2020, it has been great to have some reunions this past year.

I also went #OnADeliciousMission to find the best fish and chips in Austin (since I have found them to be so hard to find). After visiting and ranking 21 different places in the last couple of months, it’s probably time for me to find the best salads in Austin. 🙂

An Emotional Surprise!

(See Video)

My daughter asked for advice, so I surprised her with a book!
Fruitful: Becoming Who God Created You To Be

Discover how to make wise choices, overcome difficult circumstances, avoid distractions, and make a difference.My New Book Released!

An Overview

With all the uncertainty and chaos going on in our world, I still have hope.

I have seen the resilience of my children, who are now young adults. I have seen their generation willing to join the conversation and bring about genuine and lasting change in our world.Jesus told a parable that has been a guide for me over the years and which I think summarizes well my hope for you. If you can develop the four characteristics inspired by the parable of the four soils, you will discover your calling and bring about so much good in our broken world. A spiritually receptive, tenacious, intentional, and proactive person will experience the presence and peace of God and have one hundred times the impact.

Our world needs you to become the person God created you to be.That is my hope for you and those you love.
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The Post-Christian Podcast – An Interview with Trevi (Gen Z) – A Gen Z teenager shares about her journey coming back to faith in spite of her post-Christian environment.

Parenting Teens in a Post-Christian World – Video workshop with 7 principles for raising children to become who God created them to be along with a Q&A on teens and sexuality.

For Singles Wanting To Be Married – Video workshop with principles for becoming the person you are looking for is looking for.

Vintage Faith: One Love Forever – Video Message -Discover how God heals our hearts so we can live more fully in the mystery and wonder of who God is and help others do the same.

Who Is Jesus, Really? – Video Message – Discover how a relationship with God reveals God’s provision regardless of life’s circumstances.

Trust Leadership If You Can – Video Message – Discover how God can use difficult people in our lives to make us better.  

How to Simplify Life – Video message – Remember that sense of fun, adventure, and creativity? A time in life when the possibilities were endless? God wants kids to grow up fiercely alive.

Relaunch Your Life: Grow – Video message – Growth always requires change. When we take advantage of the discomforts and tests we face, we can make significant progress in our lives.

What is the Bible Good For? – Video message – Discover how to connect with God through the Scriptures.

Home Alone: God’s Family – Video message – When so many of us come from dysfunctional families, we can learn new family dynamics in the way we relate with each other. 

We hope you enjoy the Christmas season and 2022! 
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