Acts 6 – Are You Willing to Learn From Those Who May Be Different Than You?

 Are you willing to learn from those who think, act, and look differently than you?

The disciples discover that the Grecian/Hellenistic widows had been overlooked in the daily distribution of food. Though the Hebraic widows receive their daily portion, the Grecian widows do not, furthering the disparity between the two communities and further marginalizing the Grecian community.

Because of the grave injustice, the disciples step in. But instead of addressing the issue themselves, they empower the community to select Spirit-led leaders of wisdom to oversee this wrong being made right. In response, the majority Hebraic community lay down their privilege and select 7 leaders – all of Grecian descent – to reallocate resources equitably and to submit to the leaders at the margins of their society.

What does it look like for us to do the same?
In a world where injustice and inequity are rampant, we too are invited to learn from the leadership of those at the margins – those who are Spirit led and wise who may think, act, and look differently than us. So let’s start with an audit of what we consume.
What voices are elevated in the books that you read, the movies that you watch, the podcasts that you listen to?
What would it look like to begin to more intentionally learn from those at the margins?

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