Galatians 2 – Have You Been Crucified with Christ?

Paul begins by describing a visit to Jerusalem, where he met with other apostles, including Peter and James, to discuss the message they were preaching. He emphasizes that his message to the Gentiles (non-Jewish people) is consistent with the gospel they all share, and they agreed that Paul and his companion Titus should continue their ministry to the Gentiles.

A significant part of Galatians 2 revolves around an incident in Antioch, where Paul confronts Peter for his inconsistency in associating with both Jewish and Gentile believers. Paul rebukes Peter for compromising the gospel’s message by separating from the Gentile believers due to pressure from certain Jewish legalistic customs. Paul uses this incident to underscore the importance of remaining true to the gospel of grace and not compromising its core principles.

Throughout the chapter, Paul emphasizes that salvation is not achieved through adherence to the Jewish law but through faith in Jesus Christ. He stresses the concept of justification by faith, explaining that no one is justified (made right with God) by observing the law but rather through faith in Jesus.

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