LOST-the show, the phenomenon, the book!

A tweet from @PastorChrisSeay: Evangeline means GOSPEL and here she is holding up “The Gospel According to LOST” coincidence? I think not http://twitpic.com/10qehl #ga2l

Can’t wait to watch the premier tonight with our friends John and Bea! (Yes, we are one night late, but at least now we can fast forward the commercials).

Can’t wait to read Chris Seay’s book: The Gospel According to Lost!

Here’s a description:

An epic journey into the deepest mysteries of our faith.

Lost is NOT just a television show. It has become larger than that-a massive story filled with mystery that has garnered over twenty million participants. Some might call them viewers, but one does not just watch Lost, one participates in it. It demands that you dialogue with the story, seeking theories and comparing yourself to characters. Lost breaks all the formulas for television, and in doing so has drawn together millions of people on a shared journey that explores life, faith, history, science, philosophy, hope, and the basic questions of what it means to be human. It is the seemingly infinite ideas, philosophies, and biblical metaphors that make this story so engaging.

Chapter Topics:
* Faith and Reason – The war within?
* Guilt -The single common denominator that binds everyone on the island
* Fate – Do we choose our path, or does fate happen to us?
* Quantum Spirituality – What if everything and everyone is connected?
* Dharma – Is there any truth to be found in Institutional Religion?
* IslandLife – If we are made for the garden is it the consumer world that is killing us?
* Salvation – Will it ever come, and will we recognize it when it does?

Chris Seay‘s fascinating book explores each of these elements in a spinning analysis of faith and metaphor that will attract a multitude of readers who desire to go even deeper into the journey.

Listen to my conversation with Chris last month here!

  • berrylost

    It is so true that any followers of the show LOST are encouraged to participate on the show.

    Literally thousands posts their theory online, and some like me enjoyed the excitement created by reading this great book.

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