Opening the Door For Others

This summer at some of the Mosaic gatherings I’ve had a chance to share about one of my heroes as part of the “Heroes and Villains” series. I chose Cornelius from Acts 10.  Here are some thoughts on Cornelius:

1. Cornelius was a generous person who was God-fearing and tried to do all the right things, but that isn’t God’s goal for us.  He wants something more – a genuine and intimate relationship. God called Cornelius into a deeper relationship by sending an angel.

2.  Cornelius acted quickly on what he knew God wanted him to do.  Maturity isn’t based on the accumulation of knowledge but on the speed it takes us to obey.

3. Cornelius lived an integrated life. He invited his family and friends to be part of his spiritual journey rather than keeping this private.  As a result, Cornelius opened the door for an entire new people group to follow Jesus!

4. God loves others more than we do. So much so, that he sent a vision to Peter so that he would be willing to spend time with people he felt were unclean and unworthy. Eventually, Paul realized Gentiles could also connect to God personally.  Peter came to this conclusion after seeing the same miracle happen among the Gentiles that took place at Pentecost – the Gentiles began to speak in languages they did not know.

5.  The goal of the angel, the vision, and the speaking in tongues it to point people to the Miracle Maker.  Too often we want the miracles (sometimes the ones we’ve experienced in the past) without pursuing the One who creates the miraculous moments.

To watch or listen, search for “Cornelius” or my name at in the audio and videocast sections.

Who are some of your favorite heroes and villains in the Scriptures and why?

  • tommy hall

    my hero is the roman soldier who asked Jesus to heal his servant without evening touching him.
    his faith was so great that he knew that with just a thought Jesus would heal him.
    i know he has such a small part in the scripture, but it has always stood out to me. a man who wasn’t even part of God’s people had so much faith just blows my mind.

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