Not Like Me – Recent Posts and Winners!

The New Website ( includes articles, short films, small group materials, sermon transcripts, assessments, and other resources for a sermon series and your small group. To submit resources or an article (300-700 words) based on one of the chapters in Not Like Me, email Belinda at

We are giving away a copy of Not Like Me to one of the contributors whose article or resource are included on the site as well as to those who review the book at! The contributors will be chosen randomly. Send in your articles and resources today!

Recent Reviews:

A Review by D.J. Chuang

A Review by Tony Morgan

A Review by Marcus “Goodie” Goodloe

A Review by Dave Ingland

A Review by Dr. John Jackson

Recent Articles:

“What Are We Waiting For?” by Jamie Locklin

“I Am Hopeful” by Esther Mercado

“Lots of Sex in the City – Next Steps” by Barry Odom

“Adopting the Elementary School” by Doug Axtell

“The Art of Woo Next Steps” by Ryan Daugherty

“Party in Lancaster” by Nathan Kilgore

Recent Winners:

“The Beat-Attitudes” by Marlon Hall

A Review from Mark Sayers

“New Life for Unrequited Dreams” by Christi Watson

A Review by Rafael Sandoval

“Next Steps” by Christa McKirland

Thanks to all of those who have been reviewing the book or writing articles and to all of those who are spreading the message about the importance of serving, loving, and influencing those Not Like Me!

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