Proof of Life (week 1)

From Proof of Life, check out the short film and notes from the message Erwin McManus shared during our new series at Mosaic.

Proof Of Life Trailer from Mosaic LA on Vimeo.

No matter what interesting food we might taste, we always communicate that “it tastes like chicken” because we don’t have an adequate way to describe it. “Life” is a word like that. It is used often yet not fully understood.

1 John 5:13-15
We emphasize “eternal” but John was emphasizing “life.”
It is hard to give someone something they perceive they already have.

1 John 1:1-4
Life appeared revealing that what we thought was “life” was merely existence.

John 1:3-4
In Jesus is real life.
We choose existence because its what we strive for and toil for. Too often we reject what is offered to us for free as a gift. It wasn’t free. It was paid for by someone else.

Only 1 out of 7 actually change their life when the Dr tells them they will die unless they do. Will you be that 1?

Is there any real difference in your life because you believe in God? Is there any real difference in how we live our lives because of our faith in Jesus?

Too often we don’t strive to bring to life to others because we aren’t fully alive.

What will you choose?

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