Is Time Travel Possible?

I find things like this fascinating. Check out the footage from a Charlie Chaplin film made in 1928. It appears a woman walks by while talking on a cell phone?

Some suggest she is a time traveler who snuck into the movie. Others suggest she is using a hearing device. Maybe she is using a walkie talkie (were those invented by then)?

What do you think?

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  • Larry Boatright

    Very interesting!
    My inner nerd = very cool… yet, a problem: let’s assume time travel is possible, and this lady did go back in time… the problem is there were no cellular networks, so she couldn’t possibly talking on a cell phone…
    to which my 9 year old would reply, “She created a special cell phone that allowed her to call the future.”

    Where there’s imagination, there’s a way!

  • Sandra

    Oh goodness. My brother was offended enough to walk out of the room when I confessed I didn’t believe time travel was possible. If he sees this clip I won’t hear the end of it. Thank goodness he doesn’t use the interwebz!

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