The SF Giants Need to Thank the Dodgers…

Well, the World Series hasn’t started off like I had hoped. I grew up watching the Rangers, and they have finally made the World Series after 50 years of futility only to run into the unlikely winner of the National League – the “hated ones” from NorCal. (When I first moved to LA, one of the sports radio personalities would never say the word “Giants” and only referred to them as the “hated ones.” It took me a week to figure out about whom he was referring).

To try and make some good from this, I thought I would quote an article I found which gives at least some of the success of the San Francisco Giants to the Dodgers:

Steve Dilbeck of the Los Angeles Times

“A few thank-you cards from all those front-running Giants fans to the Dodgers. It’s not like you have to get on your knees, though you may if you feel it absolutely necessary. Roses thrown at the feet of Jonathan Broxton are permitted, too.

The Giants own the home-field advantage against the Rangers.

And for that they can thank Broxton and the Dodgers.

Come on, a little gratitude here. The National League team hasn’t enjoyed the home-field advantage since baseball decided to let the All-Star game determine it back in 2003.

The American League was used to having its way with then NL, when, lo and behold, it pulled out a 3-1 victory this summer with Broxton closing it out for the save.

True, it was almost his final moment of glory all season. And, true, he needed a nice defensive play from Marlon Byrd in right to pull it off.

But he did. And the NL was left standing for the first time in 14 years.

Now because of the Dodgers’ closer, the Giants get to open the World Series by the Bay and enjoy home-field advantage….”

You can read the rest of the article here

  • Mike Worley

    Sorry Eric a true San Francisco fan will never lend out a thank you to the Dodgers…Broxton closing out a save giving home field advantage, can not cover the 50 years of rivalry between the two..Interesting article, but it doesn’t resonate in the Bay…

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