An Interview with Alan & Debra Hirsch

Alan is the founding Director of Forge Mission Training Network. He is the co-founder of an international forum for engaging with world transforming ideas. Debra serves as part of the leadership team of The Tribe of LA, a Jesus community among artists and creatives in Los Angeles.

Known for their innovative approach to mission, Alan and Debra wrote Untamed which is about missional discipleship for a missional church, and they recently spoke at the Origins Event in Los Angeles.

Alan is a teacher and key mission strategist for churches across the western world. His popular book The Shaping of Things to Come (with Michael Frost) is widely considered to be a seminal text on mission. Alan’s recent book The Forgotten Ways, has quickly become a key reference for missional thinking, particularly as it relates to movements. His book ReJesus is a radical restatement about the role that Jesus plays in defining missional movements.

Listen below:

Alan & Debra Hirsch
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What were some of your favorite insights?  How can become better disciple-makers?

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