Was Christmas a Pagan Holiday? Are the Gospels Trustworthy?

Was Christmas just a pagan holiday?

Do we even know if or when Jesus was born?

We actually have lots of evidence that Jesus was a real person probably born in September or October in one of the years between 2-7 B.C.. The exact date isn’t as important as the fact that it actually happened! 

Compare the New Testament with other ancient manuscripts

Why 4 Different Gospels?

They were written to 4 different audiences AND I think all 4 represent the 4 main types of personalities!

Matthew was an SJ
Mark was an SP
Luke was an NT
John was an NF

What do you think of this theory? Other evidence you think for why this may be true?

Follow me as we read through the New Testament in 2023!

One chapter a day, five chapters a week.

Beginning on January 2nd, I will be sharing insights and ideas on every chapter in the New Testament. 

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