Reconstructing Faith in a Post-Christian World

Follow me as we read through the New Testament in 2023!

One chapter a day, five chapters a week.

Beginning on January 2nd, I will be sharing insights and ideas on every chapter in the New Testament. 


I grew up hearing: “The Bible says it. That settles it. I believe it.”

The problem with that is I had lots of questions!

I deconstructed my faith without throwing out baby Jesus with the bath water.

I reconstructed my faith in Seattle with Gary Irby (Northwest Church Planting) , Dave Bruskas (Acts 29), and Norm Finch followed by 12 1/2 years with Erwin McManus in Los Angeles (Mosaic), and the past 12 years with John Burke in Austin (Gateway). I have a M.Div. from Golden Gate Seminary, and a D.Min. in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Bethel Seminary.

Over the years, I have discovered there is beauty in the mystery of God! 

Too often people have claimed the Bible is misogynistic, racist, homophobic, and judgmental.

What if God intended the complete opposite?

What if this was misunderstanding came as a result of people using the Bible for their own agenda?

I grew up doing Bible Drill and learning the books of the Bible. I may have had ulterior motives (free candy), but it’s amazing how God has brought to mind some of what I learned as a kid.

I can even say the books of the Bible in order in less than 30 seconds! 🙂

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