Luke 18 – Do You Give Up Too Easily?

Jesus shares a parable about a persistent widow. If an injust judge will listen, how much more will God bring justice when we come to Him day and night?

We discover those who are humble and willing to follow Jesus are made with God like the tax collector and those willing to leave their family and unlike the religious leader and the wealthy man.

A blind man persists in asking Jesus for healing, and He is healed.

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Message Notes:

Luke 18 begins with a parable about the persistent widow. She was relentless, coming to the judge and asking for justice. Perhaps her husband had been killed. If an unjust judge will eventually respond, how much more will God bring justice as we come to him day and night. 

Jesus tells another parable about a religious leader who publicly thanks God that he’s not like the sinners all around him. He wants all to know that he has followed all the religious rituals.

Privately, a tax collector confesses his sin and his need for forgiveness saying: “God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Of the two, the sinner who humbled himself was made right with God in that moment.

The disciples rebuked those who were bringing children to Jesus so he could bless them. Instead Jesus said they were welcome and in fact we all need to be more like children who seem to have a natural inclination towards faith. 

After a wealthy man decided his wealth was more important than following Jesus, Jesus reminds those listening that those who have a lot are less likely to acknowledge they need Jesus. He mentioned that reaching a wealthy person seems impossible, but God can do the impossible.

He promises a blessing for all those willing to leave their family on mission with Him.

Jesus then predicts his coming death and resurrection a third time, but no one understands or believes him.

Finally, a blind man calls out for Jesus to help him in spite of people telling him not to do so. He persists like the widow. Jesus asks: “what do you want me to do for you?” Even though he was obviously blind, it was important to Jesus that the man say outloud what he needs. When he clearly expresses his desire, Jesus heals him.

For what do you need to persist?

  • A prayer request?
  • Something or someone that needs healing?
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