1 Peter 2 – Are You Living a Godly Life?

Peter uses phrases that may make us feel uncomfortable. He uses phrases like “submit to your masters,” “submit to the authorities,” and “abstain from sinful desires.” It is important to remember that God is on the side of those who are oppressed as demonstrated throughout the Scriptures. He is the God who freed the enslaved Israelites. There is an entire letter in the New Testament about ending slavery (Philemon)!

Peter is not affirming dictatorships and tyrants. Those reading this are enslaved and being persecuted. The path out is not violence or revenge but kindness, peaceful nonviolent resistance, and trusting God. We should live such godly lives among those oppressing us that they see us, notice the difference in how we live, and want what we have found in Jesus.

Even in the midst of the most awful circumstances, God is with us. We can experience His peace even when our society lacks peace.

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